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Located at the foothills of the Pyrenees and the Spanish border, the Basque Country is an authentic region with a strong identity revealed in the attachments its inhabitants have to their language and culture.

The beautiful landscape of both the ocean and the mountains attracts those who appreciate a preserved natural environment. With its changing climate, hot in the summer and remarkably warm in the winter, the Basque Country permits the practice of multiple activities: hiking, sailing, cycling, surfing, golf as well as pelote basque a typically local sport. Equally the Basque country is renowned for its cuisine, its restaurants counting among them eleven Michelin stars on the French side of the border and twenty-seven on the Spanish.

In requesting the services of Cote Ouest Immobilier you will find real estate agents who not only listen to your expectations but a team ready to share with you their passion for the Basque Country. 

Cote Ouest Immobilier, exclusively affiliated with Christie’s International Real Estate, will accompany you in your search for, or sale of, an exceptional property whether an apartment with an ocean view, or centrally located; a traditional or modern house; a plot, or perhaps a unique property in Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, Guethary, in the countryside or on the coast.

Covid-19 information

Our three Côte Ouest Immobilier agencies located in Biarritz, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Guéthary reopened on Saturday November 28th 2020.

Visiting our Côte Ouest Immobilier agencies

The measures adopted by Côte Ouest Immobilier reflect our commitment to ensuring that the health of our clients and our teams is protected. All of our employees and partners scrupulously respect the recommended safety measures as follows:

- Washing hands very regularly
- Coughing or sneezing into the elbow or into a tissue
- Using disposable tissues and throwing them away
- Greeting without shaking hands and avoid kisses on the cheeks
- In all circumstances, respecting a distance of at least one metre from others.

As well as the measures above, our premises are entirely and regularly disinfected with products such as bleach or 70° alcohol disinfectant, and we use wipes to clean door handles, telephones, keyboards, computer mice etc. Each team member has his or her own equipment, and none are shared.

When you come to the agency:

- Social distancing of at least one meter will be respected
- Hydroalcoholic gel will be available
- Your contact shall wear a facial mask.

Additionally, a specific area is set aside to welcome you to our agency. This shall naturally respect all the rules mentioned above. Should a signature be required between the parties, each person shall use their own pen. Should this not be possible, a single-use pen will be offered. And of course, at the end of each appointment, the area will be scrupulously cleaned and disinfected.

Visits are once again permitted but within a strict sanitary framework

- Visits are only authorised for the acquisition or rental of a main residence. Those seeking to acquire a pied a terre or holiday residence shall unfortunately have to wait.

- For each visit an appointment must be fixed in advance. Consequently, it will not be possible to spontaneously visit an agency hoping to visit a property.

- Visits shall be limited in time: each visit must not exceed half an hour and the asset visited shall be ventilated for at least fifteen minutes before each visit. A property may not be visited more than once per morning or afternoon.

- Only two people, 1 professional and 1 client, are permitted to visit. It is therefore for the moment impossible to visit a property as a couple, or with a friend.

- Each agency shall rigorously select candidates for visits in order to avoid as far as possible any that the former may deem non-essential. Before any visit potential purchasers shall be invited to consult a virtual presentation of the property in order to ascertain whether the asset is likely to suit them.

- Once the appointment has been fixed, the professional shall give the potential purchaser a "visit voucher”. This document must include the professional card number of the agent carrying out the visit as well as the mandate reference number of the asset in question.

It is essential that clients have with them an "Attestation de déplacement dérogatoire" in order to visit: the "Achats de bien ou service" box must be ticked.

In an uncertain economic context, the real estate market is holding its own

As the country continues to be hit by an unprecedented health crisis, a return to normal economic activity in the near future seems increasingly unlikely. As things stand, it is too early to measure the short, medium and long term effects of the crisis on the real estate market.

Throughout 2019 the market was booming, with over a million transactions recorded over the year. Up to March 2020, this trend continued and it seemed more than likely that a new record would be set by the end of the calendar year. Covid-19, however, put paid to this forecast.

It is today impossible to anticipate how supply and demand will evolve over the weeks and months to come. One thing, however, is clear: with uncertainty hanging over the stock markets and a reserve of significant ready cash unadvisable, real estate has become an increasingly safe haven. This has been witnessed across the sector, and more particularly in the luxury real segment of the market. Bearing in mind that as things stand nothing is certain about the future, these facts may nonetheless allow us to look forward with reserved optimism.