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Christie's International Real Estate

Why choose Côte Ouest Immobilier to sell your property

Côte Ouest Immobilier real estate agency specializes in luxury real estate on the Basque Coast and was selected to be the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, world leader in luxury real estate, for Pyrenees Atlantiques and the southern Landes.

We guarantee you a privileged connection with national and international buyers, who are Christie’s clients, both for real estate as well as art.

Our exclusive affiliation with Christie’s allows us to work closely with other affiliates in Paris and in the Paris area, in Bordeaux, in the Alps and on the Riviera. Thanks to this synergy, we can serve our sellers and our buyers in different regions of France and of course abroad.

Our sold properties

An honest evaluation and a customized marketing plan

A property entrusted to Côte Ouest Immobilier real estate agency, is a guarantee that your property will be evaluated objectively. Then we will establish a customized marketing plan with you.

Our main strength is undoubtedly our agency’s international dimension :

Presentation of your property on Christie’s International Real Estate website, very well known by international buyers, as well as on the following websites: Wall Street Journal, Robb Report Exceptional Properties, Country Life, PropGOLuxury, Te Atrium and Lux Residence (international portals for luxury properties)

Publication in the magazine, Christie’s International Real Estate, often copied but never equaled, distributed four times a year to all customers of auction rooms and sent personally to the wealthiest investors.

Presentation of your property on the following Russian websites: Tranio (Russian portal to luxury properties) and Apriori invest, best website referenced by Yandex (the equivalent of Google in Russia) using keywords for real estate on the Basque Coast. In case of viewings with Russians clients, we are always assisted by a bilingual interpreter.

Also publications in various magazines such as Belles demeures de France, Propriétés de France or the Figaro Magazine

Posting of your property on the following specialist real estate sites: Se Loger, Explorimmo, Maisons et Apartements (Houses and Apartments)

Posting of your property on the most popular social networks like: : Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et Tumbl’r

Creation of a video of your property which is put on line on our You Tube Channel

If our owners wish for a custom made communication plan, we can propose alternative media resources for their property.

Our team of agents is particularly qualified to estimate your property value and, throughout the sales process, will act with confidentiality, efficiency and integrity.

We are also able to provide you with an exclusive introduction to Christie’s, if you possess exceptional furniture or art.

Understanding a real estate sale timetable

Why does buying or selling a property take so much time?

For each and every real estate sale (apartment, house or building plot) and whatever the value and size of the asset, a specific dossier must be drawn up. It is important to realise that the notary is required by law to satisfy a number of formalities both before and after the signature of the sales agreement. (formalités préalables and formalités postérieures).

What happens after the withdrawal period?

In between the signing of the pre-contract and the final sale agreement, a number of formalities must be completed. Some of these concern the purchaser who must notably guarantee that the transaction can be financed. The notary must set up an “information pack” (“dossier d’usage”) in order to draft the deed of sale. He must confirm the legal ownership of the asset, obtain details of the mortgage situation, and obtain from the Town Hall an urban planning certificate… Above all, he must deposit at the Town Hall a document known as the DIA. The municipal administration then has two months to exercise its pre-emption rights, that is to say to decide to acquire the asset or on the contrary to renounce acquisition. This administrative document is often the last to join the others in the file (Civil Status certificate, urban planning certificate, mortgage situation, land register documents, surveyor’s reports, power of attorney, etc.).

What is the period between the signature of the pre-contract and the final sale agreement?

As the municipal administration has two months to exercise its pre-emption rights, it will consequently take two to three months to complete the dossier and sign the “acte authentique”. The notary will explain that the deed of sale shall be published at the mortgage registry (“bureau des hypothèques”) which records and publishes deeds of property. The two-month delay previously imposed upon notaries to formalise deeds and deliver them to the mortgage registry has now been reduced to one month. The notary delivers to the various administrative departments copies and extracts from the deed of sale. Among these, a specific document known as the “copie authentique” which has been signed by the notary shall be returned stamped by the tax authorities. This document constitutes your deed of property.

Can these delays be shortened?

With increasing dematerialization and the setting up of the electronic “acte authentique”, it is likely that this timetable will be shortened. A specialist in real estate law, the notary is a precious ally throughout your project.

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Mandatory diagnostics to be carried out in the case of a sale

For the sale of a real estate asset, the seller is under the obligation to provide a diagnostic technical file (article L271-4, Code de la construction et de l’habitation).

The list of mandatory diagnostics required for a real estate sale:


To determine the surface of an asset in a co-ownership
Validity: unlimited unless work is carried out


Establish a state of the building concerning the possible presence of termites
Validity: 6 months


Detection of materials and products containing asbestos in residential buildings (for a building permit delivered before July 1st 1997)
Validity: unlimited unless work is carried out


Detection of coatings (paint) containing lead in any residential building built before the 1st January 1949.
Validity: 1 Year (if lead is detected)


State of natural and technological risks
Validity: 6 months


To estimate the energy consumption (EPC) and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)
Validity: 10 years if no work is carried out


To determine that an existing gas installation presents no malfunction
Validity: 3 years


To determine that an existing electrical installation presents no malfunction
Validity: 3 years


To determine that all connections to the different drainage systems are in conformity with current rules and regulations.
Validity: between 3 and 8 years depending on the type of connection.